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Still worried about not being able to clean dirt from your glasses?

 Using the technology of ultra high frequency waves this cleaner generates thousands of air bubbles to use vibration to clean your products. 


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Both glasses and jewelry are easy to clean in this handy device!

This product is suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, teeth aligners, makeup brushes and any other waterproof appliance.

USER-FRIENDLY: The Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans at the touch of a button.

DEEP CLEANING: Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, everything is thoroughly cleaned!

SUPER FAST: The Ultrasonic Cleaner ensures that everything is spotless within 3 minutes.


Product size: 190mm x 72mm x 68mm

Tank size: 152mm x 54mm x 6mm

Product color: White

Timing time: 3 minutes

Material: PP

Power supply: AAA batteries(No batteries)

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