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Do you sometimes need to walk carefully because the floor of soap or shampoo is slippery? Or are loose bottles, razors, and washcloths lying around everywhere? That is very impracticalunsafe, and not very fresh. Our Shower Organizer is the solution!

This shower caddy offers ample space for all your shower essentials. It is stable and easy to install. After that, you never have to bend down again and you can find everything quickly. Avoid slippery accidents and wasting water by searching too long for the right product.


Corrosion resistant – Our bathroom organizer is made from high-quality ABS with an aluminum guard bar. It is not only durable but also corrosion-resistant. More rust!

Safety stainless steel fence  – The Shower Caddy comes with a stainless steel fence and the buckle design helps to be firmly fixed to prevent items from falling accidentally and hurting people. The hollow design of the bottom plate prevents water accumulation.

Easy to install  – It can be installed quickly and easily without drilling. The removable bottom plate helps keep you dry and clean.

Adjustable height– The shower shelf can hold shower, gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, shower foam and other items. The height of the tabletop is adjustable. You can adjust the height of the bathroom shelf according to your habits.

Multi-purpose – This shower holder is versatile. It can not only be used as a shower storage or a shower head holder but also can save a lot of space and keep the messy bathroom clean and tidy.


Material: ABS

Size: 30cm x 12cm

Weight capacity: 5KG


1×Shower Organizer

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